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Be friendly and communicate with the whole world in their language!


There are more than 7 billion people and more than 3000 languages in the world. Expand the circle of your friends – learn the most popular languages together with MJ DESIGN STUDIO SHOP. Thanks to our products, you will become a part of a big and interesting world!

The world is so big and interesting – see it for yourself!


Become closer to dozens of countries and billions of people – learn the most popular languages with MJ DESIGN STUDIO SHOP. Find out how people live in the countries where you are going to. Do not refuse to travel with pleasure!

What language do you want to start learning today?

It does not matter how old you are!

Our programs are designed in such a way that almost anyone could find the level of learning complexity for themselves. All programs are suitable for users aged 8 to 99 years! You can always adjust the complexity of learning individually for yourself.

Large selection of control languages

Firstly you will be asked to choose your control language. At the moment, all products of the company are provided in 21 most popular languages. A list of languages is available in similar program specifications.

Travel and enjoy your life

What is the most important thing when traveling abroad?

Most of all people are afraid of the language barrier with the locals when they go to the new country. Clear any boundaries for yourself and start learning the most popular languages with MJ DESIGN STUDIO SHOP. It's not so difficult to become better every day!


Perfect learning technology

We know that the most important thing is to properly submit the material for study. It will be interesting for you to learn new languages by using the LangPro programs. The learning process is designed in such a way as to interest you. It will not take a lot of time or bother you – learn languages with pleasure!

  • Multilevel complexity system
  • Professional developers
  • Teaching reading, writing and speaking
  • The best philologists from around the world
  • Preliminary testing
  • Interactive training


Tomas McCormick
Guten Tag! Very satisfied with the principle of the programs. I have already experienced the German and French versions. It took 6 months in both cases to reach level 5 and perfectly fix the result. Au revoir!
Lorraine Rick
Everything works as described: it's easy and simple. In this case, my weak laptop is almost deal with this program. I advise!