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About us

Our Mission

The basis of our company is enthusiasts, who were united by one goal: to clear borders all over the world. But apart from rights, freedoms and perseverance, we need to communicate with people and that is what we decided to give to the world.

There were 4 of us st the beginning of our work. After 3 years our team has 20+ people. Everyone is committed to the common cause and knows what he is doing - only in such way we can develop amazing products every day.

For each new language, we design a special learning system that will help understand the structure, how sentences and thoughts are formed in this language. We do not teach foreign words, we teach to think in an unfamiliar language - it is the most important.

Join a huge and beautiful world with MJ DESIGN STUDIO SHOP, and we will help you with all strength!

Our Philosophy

We are not just developing products for studying foreign languages. We do this for ourselves. You will be surprised, but almost every one of our team underwent a full course of study by the programs developed by us. We teach this technology our parents, children and other close people. We know that this really works.

Talented developers

Only exclusively professionals are developing and testing programs

Learn the best of the best

The system of education is designed and filled by the best teachers and philologists. Only native speakers

All at once

Just one program will teach you reading, writing and speaking in the chosen language

Created for everyone

We have made universal products. It does not matter how old you are (8+) and nationality (21 languages)

Maximum Convenience

The products are designed so that you do not have any problems in the work. At the same time our support always works 24/7


If within 14 days you do not get what you want - we will refund all money spent